20 Plus Free Canva Alternatives 2023

Canva is a very popular program for graphic design and social media post designing. Canva has both free and paid packages. Free package of Canva has some limitations.

Maybe a question arises in your mind what is the alternative to canva pro? There are many programs freely available that have some of the canvas pro features.

Here is the list of some alternative design programs.

Crello creator program

Crello is a platform that provides users the facility to create stunning visuals, ranging from social media posts, marketing materials, presentations, and much more.

Features of Crello (VistaCreate)

  • Remove background
  • Photo grid
  • Picture outline maker
  • Add frames to photo
  • Add speech bubble to photo
  • Change color styles
  • Add text to photo
  • Add text to photo
  • Flip Images
  • Rotate images
  • Photo filters
  • Resize images
  • Resize photos for social media
  • Transparency and layers
  • Blur images or spot
  • Crop Images
  • Add music to images

The platform provides users with a wide range of design templates, images, and graphic elements that make creating professional designs a breeze. Crello has also launched a creator program that allows users to monetize their design skills by creating custom templates for the platform.

Advantages of Crello for Creators

Crello Creator program is a fantastic opportunity for graphic designers and artists looking to earn money from their designs. It is an initiative that allows users to create and upload their custom design templates, which can be sold on the Crello platform. In return, creators receive a commission from each sale, and they retain ownership of their designs.

How creator can earn money from Crello?

Crello creator program has been designed to be easy and straightforward to use. Users who wish to join the program must sign up on the Crello website and create a free account. Once their account is created, they can start designing their templates using the platform’s easy-to-use editor. The editor provides access to an extensive library of design elements, including images, fonts, backgrounds, and much more. The program’s flexibility means that creators can design templates that cater to various design niches, including social media, marketing, advertising, and more.

The program’s commission structure is also quite attractive, as creators can earn up to 35% of the sales price for each template sold on the Crello platform. This commission rate is significantly higher than many other design marketplaces, making Crello a more lucrative option for designers looking to monetize their skills.

The creator sells the design on multiple platforms.

One of the most significant benefits of the Crello Creator program is that designers retain ownership of their templates. This means that creators can sell their designs on other platforms and websites, giving them the freedom to monetize their skills across multiple channels.

Creators Template exposure in the library.

Another significant advantage of the Crello Creator program is the exposure it provides to designers. Templates created by creators are listed in the Crello template library, where they can be discovered by millions of users worldwide. This exposure can lead to more sales and greater recognition for designers, potentially opening up new opportunities for them in the future.

The Crello Creator program is also an excellent opportunity for designers to build their portfolios and gain more experience in the field of graphic design. The platform’s editor is user-friendly, making it easy for designers of all skill levels to create stunning templates. By creating templates for Crello, designers can build a strong portfolio that showcases their design skills, which can be used to attract new clients and job opportunities in the future.

Advantages of Crello for designers and marketers.

The Crello Creator program is not just beneficial for designers; it is also a great opportunity for businesses and marketers. By using custom templates created by designers, businesses can save time and resources on creating their own designs.

Custom templates can also provide a more professional look and feel to a business’s marketing materials, making them more appealing to customers.

In conclusion, the Crello Creator program is an excellent opportunity for graphic designers and artists to monetize their design skills. The program provides an easy-to-use platform, attractive commission rates, and exposure to millions of potential buyers worldwide. Designers can retain ownership of their templates, build their portfolios, and gain more experience in the field of graphic design. For businesses and marketers, custom templates created by designers can save time and resources while providing a more professional look and feel to their marketing materials. Overall, the Crello creator program is a win-win for everyone involved, making it a program worth checking out for anyone interested in graphic design and visual content creation.

Crello FAQ

Is Crello better than Canva?

Image result for Crello
Crello and Canva bot are 2D designing pltform . Crello is better suited for designing animated graphics, but Canva is a great option for designing static graphics. Overall, Canva is a better option than Crello because Canva users are more then Crello users. Canva has more images and design templates. It provides significantly more flexibility and has better features, tons of integrations, and editing capabilities.

What is the use of Crello?

Crello is an online graphic design tool. Apart from photos and images, it allows you to design visuals that include animations, video, and audio

Can I use Crello for free?

Crello offers both free and pro (paid) subscription plans. As we’ll explore in more detail below, using this program allows you to create: Static designs using images, photos, and other visuals. Designs that incorporate video and audio content.

What are the pros of Crello?

Crello is a good tool for creating beautiful graphics. Crello has easy animation features to create animated banners. With a few clicks, you can create all sorts of images. From simple logos to complicated infographics and banners. It’s perfect for small businesses, bloggers, graphic designers, and social media managers to create still images and animated banners, and anyone who wants to make stunning images online.