Firefox starts showing advertising on some of its tabs

Firefox starts showing advertising on some of his tabs. Free usually provides add in some ways.
There is No doubt that internet browsers are giving us a good deal of new news over the past few months, mainly due to their growing popularity in all kinds of environments and platforms.

In fact, in these times they have become one of the most widely used programs, as they are responsible for providing us with internet access, an element that many of us use almost always. That is why the developers of these programs work to provide an increasingly complete experience to their users, as well as greater functionality and more advanced security.

Firefox 64 is now available: News and download the new browser update.

Firefox 64 is now available: News and download the new browser update.

Perhaps one of the information related to these programs that have given more to talk about lately has been the recently confirmed change of strategy being carried out by Microsoft with its Edge, which is on the same engine of the current market leader, Google Chrome. However, despite the headlines that this information has hoarded, it will not be the last thing we tell you this year 2018 that is about to end these web browsers.

In these lines, we are going to talk about considering as the third in Discord, Mozilla Firefox, a project in constant growth that aims to approach, as far as possible, the mentioned Chrome. As we are aware, it appears that the developer of this proposal is making some changes to its programme without prior notice.

Firefox starts showing ads on tabs.

In particular, we refer to the fact that some users of the program have begun to detect that the program, in its most recent released version, has started to show some ads in the new tabs that we open, while the first reports confirm that this happens on all supported desktop platforms.

And is it such and as it has been making known in some Internet sites such as Reddit, for example, a small pop-up window has been appearing at the bottom of the screen which includes advertising with its corresponding link. At the same time, it should be noted that these are messages that appear only occasionally and for a specific group of users, so there is also the possibility that Mozilla is conducting a limited experiment.

Officially, Mozilla itself calls this “snippets”, so the company allows users to deactivate them from the browser configuration screen, more specifically from the “options / Start” section. At the moment Mozilla has not published any official information regarding this novelty, at least clarifying whether it is a one-time experiment or a new function that is reaching Firefox 64.

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How to get maximum Firefox performance using your support page

But of course, however, it goes without saying that users are not very happy with these ads that appear in the browser, and although they are allowed to disable the function, the simple fact that it is enabled by default can cause more anger in the user community of this proposal to surf the Internet.

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