Best Google Chrome browser extensions

Google Chrome browser extensions are very small programs that add new features to your browser. Along with this, you also improve your browsing experience. Over time, these extensions have become a part of our lives. There are millions of extensions for Google’s Chrome browser, which you can download by visiting the Chrome Web Store. Some of these Chrome extensions are very useful. You may also like some other extensions according to your work and needs. Here is the list of Google Chrome extension which everyone can use and can also increase their productivity.

Google dictionary chrome extension

The Google Dictionary is one of the best dictionary available on the Google Chrome Store. Google itself makes it, and it is very easy to use. It is so good that once you install it, you will not be able to live without using it. Install it in your Google Chrome browser, and after that, if you double click on any word, it will tell you its meaning. If you want, you can also know the pronunciation of any word from it. Its best feature is that you do not have to open a separate window to understand its meaning. While reading the article, you can find out the meaning of the word in the same window. Install the Google Translator chrome extension given below.

Google translate chrome browser Extention

You can also use this extension of Google Translate to find out the meaning of any word in Hindi besides translation. You can use Google Dictionary to find meaning in English-English and Google Translate to find Hindi’s meanings from any language. Whenever you select a word or a line of the article, it will automatically tell its purpose. Many times you will have to know the meaning of a word in Hindi while reading an article. Then you will see this in a dictionary. But with the help of Google Translate, you can find the meaning immediately at the same place.


Wunderlist is the most prolific todo and task list manager. It is free and comes with a lot of features. It can work on almost all devices. Its premium version also supports many other features. But its basic version can also meet the needs of everyone. Install it on your smartphone or phone. Then its Chrome version will continue to sync with your other device.

There are many extensions and apps available on the Google Chrome Store for managing tasks. But we would recommend you use Wunderlist. This offline also works. So if you are not connected to the Internet. You can still handle your task. Then when you come online, everything will sync automatically.

With Wunderlist’s Chrome extension, you can also upload due dates, reminder sets, subtasks, add notes, upload pictures, videos, audio, files, and more. If you are a user of Dropbox, you can also integrate it into it. If you want, you can also share the notes you have written with others and can write notes together.

Google Keep browser Extention

Above, we told you about Wunderlist, which is used to set reminders besides taking notes. Wunderlist comes with so many features that you don’t need many times. This thing also makes it complicated to use. But on the other hand, Google Keep is very easy to use, and it is available on almost all platforms. You can also install it on your smartphone, and you will see the notes written in your Google Chrome extension as well. In this, you can upload notes and upload images as well as make notes. This is awesome it can save you a lot of time

To save any webpage or article for later reading, a read letter service like Pocket comes in handy. But to save any webpage as an ebook, then EPUB format is the best. It is the most popular mobile-friendly format. This extension converts the webpage into an ebook in EPUB format.

However, the Google Chrome extension has the option to save any website as a PDF. But many times PDF file is not mobile-friendly. This means that they cannot be read well on mobile. But dotEPUB works well in this case. After downloading this extension, you will be able to read any website as an ebook. This makes any webpage clean, and only the content will be visible in the ebook, which is very good to read.

Mercury Reader

If you are using a browser to read regularly on the Internet then this extension is for you. Mercury Reader removes unnecessary items from any webpage and shows your only readable content. It completely removes distracting things. If you use a Kindle, you can send those articles to the Kindle as well. You can increase the size of the words and darken or lighten the theme if you want.

Maybe you are the user of a chrome extension called hover zoom, which shows the picture or image etc. in full size. But this extension called Imagus proves to be even better. Both work the same way, so if you want, you can try using both. By changing the settings of images you can customize it according to your wish. After installing it, move the cursor over any image, and you will see it in full size.

You will all know about Pocket and are using it as well. It is the most popular read it letter browser extension on the Chrome Web Store. This extension also works offline on Chrome. To use it, you should download both the Pocket Key Chrome app and the extension. After which you can save any webpage in Pocket and then read it. You can also download it on your smartphone and read the saved article on the smartphone as well.

Turn Off the Lights

If you watch too many YouTube videos on Chrome, then try this extension once. This extension highlights the YouTube video player and darkens the rest of the space. This enhances the experience of watching videos on YouTube.


Who does not make mistakes? But mistakes can also be corrected. How about if you write an article, there are many spelling mistakes in it, and they should be corrected automatically. Suppose you are a student or a professional who writes emails, memos. This extension can be very useful for the journalist or writer. Grammarly improves vocabulary as well as being a spelling checker, which improves the writing and reduces mistakes. Its premium version comes with more features and corrects the stylus. If you want, you can start with its free basic version.

Bookmark Manager

Google Chrome browser has its chrome extension for bookmark manager. But Google has launched its bookmark manager extension separately. In this, you can save a link to your favorite website. The best feature is that it is very easy to use, and very easily, you can make a bookmark of any website from it. After that, it automatically adds the image and description of that website. If you are signed into your Google account in Chrome, then all these bookmarks will be saved online. After this, you will be able to use these bookmarks in other computer’s Chrome browser by simply signing in with Google account.