Best MS Word Alternatives 2023

The most popular text editor is, without a doubt Microsoft Office Word. You can easily create documents with its help. Therefore, there are few options when finding Microsoft Word alternatives. Who would want to make a different decision?

This powerful word processor does, however, have disadvantages. It only supports a few operating systems, and no free version exists. Many people also believe it to be too complex and unusable for the needs of today.

Some people prefer to use a different program with comparable capabilities, even though MS Word has fans. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for text editors that cross multiple operating systems and want to avoid paying for non-useful Microsoft Word premium features.

Here is a list of the top 10 free Microsoft Word substitutes and their features, costs, and evaluations.

Describe Microsoft Word.

One of the productivity tools the Microsoft Office suite offers is Microsoft Word, also known as MS Word. It is a document processor made by Microsoft. Richard Brodie and Charles Simonyi created the program, first appearing in 1983. It works with Linux OSes using WINE and is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Android, Apple iOS, and Apple macOS. Among the notable Microsoft Word features are:

  • Enables users to produce documents of high caliber.
  • Allows text and font formatting
  • Support for HTML and images
  • Sophisticated page design
  • Check the grammar

You can use several word processors instead of an MS Office subscription if you’re sick of paying for extra features. These document editors are available for free download for those who only require a word processor and do not require Microsoft Office’s other features.

Benefits versus drawbacks of Microsoft Word

The ability of MS Word to assist you in creating documents in various formats is, without a doubt, its most notable advantage. Additionally, it is simple to use and allows you to integrate Microsoft Office’s worksheet, presentation, flowchart, and graph elements with other media. Working as a team makes collaborating simple because it can track edits and changes to your documents.

However, Microsoft Word can become expensive because users frequently buy extra tools they won’t use or need. Additionally, the program might only sometimes be simple to use. For instance, when adding images to your documents or arranging text around them, you might experience downtime.

The top ten Microsoft Word substitutes

Google Docs

One of the more well-known alternatives to Microsoft Word is Google Docs, which is unquestionably a strong word processor. In terms of functionality, it is similar to Microsoft Word.

Users can make and share files in various formats using this feature. Different is useful to expand Google Docs’ functionality. You can work on documents offline using Google Docs, a web-based text editor.

Even without an internet connection, you can still edit your documents. Google Docs is great for real-time collaboration because it is a file-sharing service. 

It supports many file formats, including PDF, and offers G Suite integration.

  • Key features of Google Docs
  • Add-ons like LucidChart, DocuSign, and MLA
  • allows for real-time collaboration
  • similar to Microsoft Word

Google Docs pros

ability to translate files from different foreign languages and recognize speech

automatically saves work

allows for offline editing

Cons of Google Docs

Importing content from formats like PDF or RTF may cause formatting problems.

There are only a few templates available.

Pricing for Google Docs

The Google Workspace suite’s pricing plans begin at$ 6 per user per month for Google Docs, a free text editor.

LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer is one of the most impressive alternatives to Microsoft Word and is the all-inclusive word processor for all types of text-based work. Operating systems like Linux, macOS, and Windows can use it. All the tools you need for text-based work in the feature-rich analog version of Microsoft Word called LibreOffice Writer.

There are two versions of the text editor, as well as wizards and feature templates for all document types. Additionally, it supports various file formats and enables document exports to PDFs without additional software. LibreOffice is, therefore, the best option if you’re looking for a text editor that replaces Microsoft Word.

Critical features for LibreOffice Writer

Excellent compatibility with formats

There are two versions available.

without revealing your information, downloadable

Pros of LibreOffice Writer

galleries of document templates

No paywalls or advertisements

supports numerous plugins

Cons of LibreOffice Writer

There is no technical support offered.

It is a Java program, so it is slow and memory-intensive.

Free WPS Office writer

via Free Writer for the WPS Office

Anyone who has used Microsoft Word’s recent iterations but disliked its complexity should consider switching to WPS Office Writer. The free text editor has a similar interface to Microsoft Word and even offers 1GB of free cloud storage to OneDrive.

To assist you in creating multiple document tasks, WPS Office Free Writer includes templates. Most text file formats, including the most recent MS Word versions, are compatible with it. Discrete ads support WPS Office Writer’s free version, but you can eliminate them by selecting the premium versions. One of the best substitutes for Microsoft Word is this impressive word processor.

Critical features for WPS Office Free Writer

You can work with various document formats using the WPS PDF to Word converter.

The free version includes the essential editing tools required to work on your documents.

It provides a secure cloud location for your documents.

intended to mimic Word

Pros of WPS Office Free Writer

impressive support for file formats

The nested interface imitates Microsoft Word.

Free storage in the cloud

Cons of WPS Office Free Writer

may have pop-up advertisements

Focus writer

Using FocusWriter

Due to its relative ease of formatting documents, this MS Word substitute is one of the best text editors for quick drafts. Linux, macOS, and Windows OS are all compatible with it for those who want to type a few pages without worrying about formatting.

A collection of clever tools created by FocusWriter useful to increase productivity. The text editor eliminates all distractions, as its name implies, allowing you to concentrate on your drafts. The text editor only displays a blank page when you open it.

Key features of FocusWriter

features alerts that are activated when necessary

designed to reduce work-related distractions

FocusWriter pros

When working against time, timers and alarms are helpful.

You can concentrate on your work thanks to the fading features.

It will save your work automatically.

Cons of FocusWriter

Excellent productivity, but not the best for document editing

Pricing for FocusWriter

Lifelong freedom

💬 FocusWriter customer ratings

Capterra: 4.6/ 5( 68 reviews)

G2: 4.6/ 5( 12 reviews)

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Zoho Docs

via Zoho

Zoho Docs is one of the best text editors for business and educational tasks. The web-based software has a user-friendly interface that is simple to manage through tabbed menus, and you can use it in your preferred browser. Users can also upload and download documents in DOCX format using Zoho Docs. Additionally, it encourages teamwork by allowing you to collaborate with your coworkers in real time.

Special features of Zoho Docs

File encryption, recovery, and two-way synchronization

seamlessly integrates with other text editors

can be used as a marketing tool for email.

It gives you access to the cloud storage for your documents.

Zoho Docs pros

visibility and document management

automatically saves your documents

strong password protection

Cons of Zoho Docs

The free version makes Significant document editing impossible due to its small storage capacity.

Pricing for Zoho Docs

When you upgrade your subscription, each user will receive$ 5 per month.

ClickUp Docs

In ClickUp, you can create infinite documents, wikis, and knowledge bases.

The Docs feature in ClickUp is the same as what you need if you’re looking for a free but feature-rich MS Word substitute. You can create visually appealing and valuable documents, wikis, and other things in one user-friendly platform with the aid of the document editor.

While formatting your documents, you can include tables, embed bookmarks, and more. Teams congregate there to plan, organize, and work together using tasks, documents, chat, goals, whiteboards, etc. Commenting, assigning action items, and turning plain text into tasks are all ways to identify team members.

You can add the widgets easily added by users working on a single project to update workflows, assign tasks, and change product statuses. Keeping your work organized is simple because ClickUp contains your documents for easy access and searchability. Any area of your workspace can also be managed and expanded with critical resources.

Critical features of ClickUp Docs

Rich formatting options are available in Docs.

Establish connections between tasks and documents.

Task assignments and workflow updates are simple.

Various file formats are supported.

Pros of ClickUp Docs

Unrivaled ability to customize

excellent teamwork

Categorizes your work

reporting in real time

Cons of ClickUp Docs

The mobile app does not yet support all ClickUp views.

Pricing for ClickUp Docs

ClickUp provides free and paid plans starting at$ 7 per month for users.


via AbiWord

This Microsoft Word substitute has features that enable you to work with your team in real-time and create documents in various formats. Using this text editor, you can create documents, tables, embed graphics, and other things. Additionally, it has a built-in Mail Merge tool that enables you to complete your email fields automatically.

Key features of AbiWord

It is highly functional thanks to the numerous plugins and features it has.

compatibility with a range of text formats and platforms

automatically saves your documents

support for HTML

Pros of AbiWord

It is possible to expand the plugin architecture.

Saves your DOCX-formatted files

Several languages are supported.

Cons of AbiWord

No PDF export facility.

FreeOffice Textmaker

via TextMaker for FreeOffice

This impressive Microsoft Word substitute includes practical templates for making regular documents. Advanced formatting options, change-tracking, and the capability to build databases for managing footnotes and bibliographies are all features that FreeOffice TextMaker has to offer.

Special features for FreeOffice TextMaker

When working on text editing projects together, the ability to monitor changes

Your templates can be made and saved for later use.

Easy user interface for simple use and navigation.

Pros of FreeOffice TextMaker

per worksheet, It prints multiple pages simultaneously.

It opens files that are password-protected.

able to export files as EPUBs

Cons of FreeOffice TextMaker

DOCX files are not supported.

Pricing for FreeOffice TextMaker

Lifelong freedom

Write Monkey

Using Write Monkey

Quick shortcuts are included in this productivity-focused program to facilitate word processing. It optimizes your output without formatting or editing and is only compatible with Windows OS. Write Monkey is great for putting ideas on paper or later development, even though there may be better tools for writing documents like letters or CVs. It would be best to convert different formats before working on them because it is only compatible with TXT files.

Key features for Write Monkey

Focused on productivity

only supports TXT format

designed to aid in memory consolidation

A portable app is available.

Write pros like a monkey

A distraction-free interface increases productivity.

useful keyboard shortcut

enables markup

Write the drawbacks of Monkey.

not appropriate for making large files

Write “Monkey Pricing”

Lifelong freedom

iWork Pages 

iWork Pages

You’ll adore iWork Pages if you’re looking for a Microsoft Office substitute with numerous templates that let you create different documents, including reports, books, newsletters, and resumes. With just one click, you can edit your documents with the handy text editor, which also offers strong password protection and the ability to work with files in various formats.

Key features of iWork Pages

Microsoft documents are simple to export and import.

a component of the iWork suite

User-friendly, easy interface that is simple to use

Pros of iWork Pages

offers a single page with infinite document creation options.

Apple’s graphic features offer cutting-edge features.

It saves your work in any format you like.

Cons of iWork Pages

Only macOS and iOS are supported.

Pricing for iWork Pages

Utilize time-saving Docs in ClickUp to accomplish more.

Alternatives to Microsoft Word are widely available. However, only some provide ClickUp Docs’ functionality and flexibility. ClickUp is a collaboration-driven platform that focuses on assisting you in teamwork in real time, which is something that makes it stand out.