How to convert Excel files to PDF which cannot be modified

As many of you will probably already know, Microsoft’s popular spreadsheet program Excel is a widely used application worldwide that is valid in both domestic and more professional environments.

With everything and with this, this is an app that in many occasions is used in environments or administrative company, since its use is focused on performing, in the best way, advanced calculations. For this purpose, it presents us with a functional user interface in the form of cells from which we can work based on values that we are introducing and formulas that are applied to make the relevant calculations.

So, on many occasions, Excel and other similar programs are used to generate invoices and related professional documents, so if we have to share or send them, it is possible that we prefer that these documents cannot be manipulated or modified by others. Therefore, if necessary, an excellent solution is to convert CSV files generated with Excel to PDF, for example.
It is precisely for this reason that we are going to talk about a series of proposals that will be of great help to you in carrying out these conversion tasks that we mentioned to you.

Web application to convert CSV files to PDF
For this we can use the solution called Zamzar, a proposal of this kind that we mentioned, that will allow us to convert CSV files to PDF from our Internet Browser and without spending any money. This process we can do just by following three simple steps that are, first, choose the file in question from our computer, select the output format from those supported by the app, in this case, it would be PDF and click the “Convert” button. You must also take into account that Zamzar can also try with file DOC, ODS, XLS, XLSX, MDB, and RTF.

Another option we can use for these tasks is FreeFileConvert, a solution very similar to the one described above and to which we will have the possibility to upload up to 5 files at the same time with a maximum size of 300 megs in total. In addition to this alternative, we can add files from your computer, as well as from cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive; while in addition to PDF, this web application supports formats such as DOCX, HTML, XLSX, or TXT.

And to finish with this section of converters, we will also talk about Couolutils, another website from which we can convert files in different formats, including from CSV to PDF, which is what we are dealing with in these lines. For this we only select the CSV file on the PC and then choose the output format, which would be PDF, to end up by clicking on the “Convert” button for further download.

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