How to extend WiFi coverage in your Full home?

How to extend WiFi coverage in your home?

Nowadays, WiFi is used in most of our home appliances. WiFi is also used in office and domestic work. That’s why there is a need for WiFi access in every corner of the house. Only a modem or router is not enough to extend the internet range in all parts of the house or office.

We usually use WiFi routers that are installed by their Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Internet speed may vary depending on the Internet provider and available package.
Some people upgrade to more powerful, state-of-the-art WiFi routers that have all the latest features. While newer or cheaper packages may offer slow internet speeds, they may not be able to provide whole-home WiFi coverage.

How to reach every corner of the big house and office internet

If the area of your home or office is large, then it is not possible to reach every corner of the internet with just one modem. You will need a wifi extender for this

how to get wifi from one floor to another
If your modem is installed on the ground floor, then it may be difficult to use the WiFi on the upper floor. To overcome this, you can use a WiFi extender on another floor.

What is wifi extender and how it works?
The WiFi extender does not have its own SIM or internet connection. It increases the WiFi range of the modem. Where the range of wifi is about to end, when the extender is placed there, the extender takes internet from wifi and transmits it further.