How to send files to multiple cloud storage service

Storage services in the cloud have been gaining in confidence on the part of users, as well as in use with the passage of the years, becoming for many a proposal, alternative or complementary to the services of storage such as conventional hard disks or USB sticks.

Therefore in these moments, there are many large companies related to the technology that today offer to its thousands or millions of users storage space on their servers to make use of the same to save your files, whatever they are. They are free of charge, some offer more space than others, but what there is no doubt is that they all provide great utility.
However, for all those who are already accustomed to using this type of online platforms, which perhaps can be a little annoying, is having to work with several services of this type simultaneously, since we have to go around changing platform or application each time you want to upload or download a specific content of each of them. That is why the solution we are going to talk about in these lines is most likely to be of great use to you.
So, for those of you who regularly work with several of these services at the same time, something more and more common, we are going to talk about a Windows application called File & Image Uploader
Sends files to hundreds of cloud storage platforms
Therefore, from a single use, we will have the possibility to transmit data from the hard drive of our PC to hundreds of storage services we are talking about, all through a single interface, which File & Image Uploader proposes. Once we have downloaded it, we can start it directly, without installation, so that we can then send one, or multiple files to some of the many services that the app supports.
These we can consult from the menu option “servers,” although we will hardly find those in which we have an account and to which we usually send personal data, either in the form of standard files, videos, or photographs. We will have the opportunity to send files to several of these platforms at once, with the saving of time that can mean.
It also makes available functions such as programming that upload content, dividing files if they are large, is clear that in order to be able to work with the platforms we need here, in addition to being compatible, we will have to enter the corresponding access credentials so that the program can be connected to them.
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