Instagram guide step by step.

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, which presently have more than 2 billion active users.

Instagram is the most useful social media platform for displaying products and influencing visitors to buy them.

Why is Instagram useful?

Instagram is essentially a platform of digital marketing for businesses. It is a powerful platform to promote brands. Many of the users buy the product which they see on the forum.

You can promote the product or services on Instagram by displaying posts, reels, and videos on Instagram. Instagram helps to increase the conversion rate of your product or services.

Instagram is useful for promoting all types of business.

  • Physical product promotion like fashion, beauty, health, electronics, home use products, or any other type of physical products.
  • Digital product promotion like apps, software, courses, etc.
  • Services promotion like promoting doctors, content writers, content creators, etc.

Instagram overview.

First, you need to sign up for Instagram.

It is very easy to sign up the Instagram. For account creation,

  • You must go to and
  • Sign up by email or mobile number.
  • You need to choose a unique username,
  • Fill your date of birth.
  • Go to your email the confirm the link.
  • Add your phone number (optional)
  • Add your profile photo.

Your username will also be your Instagram page address. So select the username very carefully. This can be your short name or your brand name. But you should be lucky to have your chosen username because it should be unique. Once somebody takes the username, others cannot choose the same.

You can create multiple accounts on a single email ID. Instagram belongs to the Facebook platform. You can link your Instagram with your Facebook account if you like.

Home page of Instagram.

After creating an Instagram account, you can see your home page. Your Instagram homepage address will be

The homepage will show the latest post of the people you follow, and also it will show you the popular posts of your interest.

Explore tab :

Explore tab will show popular trending posts, reels, etc. Here you will see the favorite content and niches of the people you followed.

If yo click any post, you will see the detailed content of the post, and the hashtag used; here you can

  • Like the post.
  • Comment on the post.
  • Share the post.
  • Save the post.


Messages section will show all the messages
in the business account it shows two sections

  • Primary
  • General

Notification section

Will show your recent post
Messages somebody sent to you
Somebody tag your post
Somebody tag your comment

Create section

By the add option wil can add your photos, videos, post etc.

Profile section

in the profile option, you can see your
Your number of posts
Your number of followers
Your number of followings (Number of people followed by you)
Your instagram accoutnt description , keyword, your website or biolink.
Your Posts
Your reels
You saved posts
Pst people tagged you.

More option

you can switch to another account
You can log out from Instagram

Setting option