Laptop or Ipad what should buy

Suppose you are going to buy laptop or iPad. But you are confused What you should buy, either laptop or ipad. So there is no rule. It depends on your use.

It is a fact. That iPad is more comfortable for regular use. But ipaid have some limitations. Like you can find many alternative Softwares for laptops. But for iPad you don’t have more alternates.

So if you are using. Regular softwares. For your day-to-day work. And that is available in iPad. Then you should prefer the iPad. Because IPad is easy to use faster and more comfortable.

But if you want to use different different type of softwares. Which are not available on iPad. Then you should go to laptop.

But you check your budget also. Because laptops are available in different range. From cheaper to expensive. According to the laptop configuration. But I paid is expensive and are available in standard price.

So first you will. So first, see your pocket. Your budget. Then take the decision accordingly.