Top best Note taking apps for iPhone

Notability note-taking ios app

Notification is a relatively quick and most useful note-taking and PDF annotation app that you can use on iOS devices.

These apps are widely helpful for both students and teachers and provide a drag and drop feature to make notes. With this for your notability, you can also secure and lock your notes using Face ID and Touch ID.

Notability is one of the best iPhone note-taking apps that you can ever use. There are more such note-taking apps that you can use.

Pages ios note taking app

The page is a powerful word processor app available for the iPhone, which we can also use as a note-taking app. To make a note, you can use a blank document and write your text down. Additionally, you can add pictures, movies, audio, charts, shapes, etc., to a blank document. With iCloud built-in, you can keep all your records on all devices.


As the app’s name, Simplenote is one of the fastest good and simple note-taking app that you can use to make notes on your iPhone. With Simploté, you can quickly write notes and create a to-do list,
Can write ideas and important things and more. Besides, Simploton also allows users to share notes with others to collaborate on a project.


Quip is one of the best new note-taking apps available on the iOS App Store. The best part of Quip is that it offers many options in an app, such as adding chat, docs, slides, and spreadsheets.

Quip app allows you to take notes, share a list of things, organize a to-do list. Quip also provides you with real-time chat and messaging features from iOS app.