Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android With­out a PC

Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android With­out a PC

The iPhone problem is that it does not allow you to create VCF files for all your phone contacts. You will create a VCF card for individual contacts, but not all. It is tedious to transfer all those contacts one by one individually.

Like this situation, you will need third-party apps to create a VCF file on your iPhone. But there is also another simple method using which you can transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android is not any longer a difficult task. Contacts are often moved easily from the iPhone to Android by creating a VCF (Variant Call Format) file.

That’s possible with the assistance of the iCloud web version on PC. Since you don’t have a computer handy, we’ll tell you other ways to transfer Android contacts from an iPhone without a PC during this post.

Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

There are some such apps available on the app store, using which you can transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

  1. The easiest way to transfer all contacts from iPhone to Android is to use Google Drive. The Google Drive iOS app features a backup capability to backup your iPhone’s data to your Google Account.
  2. You’ll take a backup of photos, calendars, and contacts. Once you enable Google Drive’s copy feature, your Apple contacts are going to be saved in your Google account. You merely got to add an equivalent Google account on your Android phone and enable the sync feature.
  3. Tap on Backup.
  4. Tap on Contacts. On the subsequent screen, enable the toggle next to copy to Google Contacts.
  5. Return and tap on Calendar events and Photos & videos. Disable the toggles inside those settings. Tap on Start Backup. Await the backup to finish.
  6. On your Android phone, attend Settings > Accounts. Tap on Add Account and add an equivalent Google account to create a backup of your contacts.
  7. The contacts will automatically sync and show abreast of your Android phone. Just in case they do not, tap on your Google account under Settings > Accounts on your Android phone. Tap on Sync account.
  8. Enable the toggle, which is next to the contacts. Open the Contacts app on your mobile, and you will see your Apple contacts.

Note: this is often a one-time process to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. The above method won’t keep your Apple contacts synced to Android. For that, you’ll need to add a Google account under iPhone Settings > Contacts > Accounts. Then enable Contacts under the Gmail account.

Use Third-Party Apps to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android

If the above method doesn’t work, otherwise you face any issue, you ought to use one among the subsequent three apps to transfer contacts.

My Contacts Backup app

My contacts backup app creates a VCF file of the contacts stored on your phone and allows you to email that file to yourself.

Use this method to download the file on your Android phone and import it to your contacts after downloading the file on your Android phone and importing it into your contacts.

Here are the steps by step guide to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android device using the My Contacts Backup app:

Step 1: Download ad Install the My Contact Backup app from App Store on your iPhone.

Download My Contacts Backup

Step 2: Open the app, and you’ll be asked to grant permission to your contacts. Tap on Ok.

Step 3: Click on the Backup button on the screen that opens.

Step 4: Click on Email and enter the address where you would like to email the file. Enter the email that you simply are using on your Android phone and send the email. The VCF file is going to be automatically attached to the email.

Step 5: To download on your phone, open your email on your Android phone and click on the download button.
The file will save on your phone.

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Import Contacts From VCF File to Android Phone

First, Open the Contact app on your Android phone. The steps may vary counting on different Contacts app. We shall take the instance of the Google Contacts app. within the Google Contacts app, tap on the three-bar icon at the highest. Select Settings.
Scroll down and tap on Import. Select the VCF file. You’ll know to open the VCF file from where you would like to import the contacts. Navigate to the file that you downloaded. The iPhone contacts will import to your Android phone.
Transfer contacts from iPhone to android 8a

In Samsung phones, open the Contacts app and click on the three-bar icon. To import the contacts, Select Manage Contacts followed by Import or Export contacts. Choose Import and choose the VCF file that you send from the iPhone.

Contacts Backup Share & Export

This app allows you to choose how to send a VCF file to your Android phone.
You’ll email it, upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox, send via chat apps, or even send via a file-sharing application.

Follow the following steps to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android without using a computer.

First, download the app from the App Store. Download backup share and export

Open the app and allow the app to access your contacts.
it will show the list of your contacts. You’ll either select the contacts manually to export or tap on the select all checkbox at the highest.

To share it tap on the Export button at the bottom and choose Share Locally.

Next, you’ll see how you would like to send the file. The selection is yours now. You’ll send the file as an email or use any instant messaging app like WhatsApp that supports file sharing. You’ll even save the VCF file to your iPhone within the Files app so that you’ll send it later to your Android device.

Download the received VCF file to your Android phone and repeat the steps mentioned under Import contacts from the VCF file section above.
Then open the contacts app. Select the VCF file you sent from your iPhone via the Import option.
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SA Contacts Lite

This app uses an equivalent principle, exporting a VCF file from iOS and importing it to Android. With this app, you can transfer contracts using a VCF file to applications such as email and cloud services and share files through a local Wi-Fi network.

If both your Android and iPhone are in the same Wi-Fi network, then you only have to enter the address given in your iPhone on your Android phone. You will be ready to download the file on your Android phone.

Here are the steps:

  • First, Download the SA Contacts Lite app on your iPhone.
  • Download SA Contacts Lite
  • Open the app and choose VCF under Property Style. Tap on Start.
  • Send the file on the Export Contacts screen and choose how you would like to send the file to an Android phone. Use the Wi-Fi to view the online address that you want to open on an Android phone to download the file.
  • Open the browser app on your Android device and sort the address shown on the iPhone screenshot.
    Then click on the VCF file and download it.
  • Once downloaded, you can import the file to your contacts in several ways, as described earlier.

the way to Backup Contacts on Any Android Phone

Share Individual Contacts

If you want to transfer contacts in bulk, then the above app works. But if you want to send only to some contacts, you can share them via email, Whatsapp, or any messaging app.

For that, open the contact and click on the share button. Then choose the app or medium from which you want to transfer to Android.

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