What is corona virus and how to prevent from corona virus ?

What is corona virus and how to prevent from corona virus ?


Corona virus is causing deaths in China. It originated from the city of Wuhan in China, which has now spread to many countries of the world, including France, America, Japan, Thailand, and England. Coronavirus infection is fatal, and its outbreak is increasing rapidly. Coronavirus spread in China is brand new, and it is believed that it is more dangerous than the coronavirus called SARS. In this case, we are giving you complete information about the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of coronavirus disease.

In the year 2002-03, 8,098 people were infected, and 774 of them died due to corona virus called SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The new coronavirus caught in the first week of December 2019. After testing in the laboratory, it was declared a new type of corona virus. In fact, six types of corona virus have already been confirmed. The new coronavirus spread in Wuhan, China, is considered the seventh corona virus. We will tell youIn this article what is the corona virus, how it spreads, what are the symptoms of corona virus, and what are the ways to avoid coronavirus.

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Key facts of corona virus

Most coronaviruses are not dangerous. Although some types of them are serious.
Most coronaviruses spread in the same way as other cold-causing viruses.
Coronavirus can infect both animals and humans. It can spread from man to man.

Coronovirus infections are most likely to occur in young children.
Often the symptoms of coronavirus include trouble breathing, runny nose, cough and sore throat and sometimes fever.
Coronovirus can also cause middle ear infection in children.
If coronovirus infection spreads to your lungs, it can cause pneumonia, especially to the people of lold age, people with heart disease, or people with weakened immune systems.
There is currently no vaccine for coronavirus.
Proper methods of cleanliness should be adopted to avoid their infection.

to the people of lold age, people with heart disease, or people with weakened immune systems.
There is currently no vaccine for coronavirus.
Proper methods of cleanliness should be adopted to avoid their infection.

What is corona virus?

The corona virus is a group of viruses that spread from animals to humans. Coronavirus got its name from its crown like shape. This virus infects both animals and humans. The corona virus also spreads like cold viruses. Coronavirus, spread in Wuhan, China, is a new type that has just been named 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). This virus affects many systems of the body, causing signs like phlegm, sneezing, heaviness in the victim.

How are coronavirus transmitted?

Like the Mars and Sars virus, the new corona virus has also come from animals. It is believed that the infection of coronavirus is spread due to sea food found in Wuhan, China. The virus is spread by other living animals such as bats, pigs, domestic animals, birds, dogs, cats, camels and marmots. The biggest danger of this virus is that it spreads from humans to humans.

Like other coronaviruses, the new corona virus can also pass from person to person via droplets when they cough or sneeze during common cold. In addition, any contaminated surfaces such as door handles, ladders or balcony railing can also be touched. One person infected with the corona virus can infect many people. However, it is a new type of corona virus, so the exact cause of its spread has not been known.

Symptoms of corona virus infection – coronavirus symptoms

Symptoms of coronavirus spread in China are similar to those of other respiratory infections. So it is sometimes difficult to find out if a person is suffering from corona virus infection or rhinovirus
From infection. The person infected with this virus has difficulty in breathing. Sore throat, cold, cough, fever are considered its initial symptoms. The main symptoms of coronavirus infection are:

Cough: High cough can be a sign of coronavirus infection.

Sore throat: A person who suffers from this infection always has a sore throat
Headache: Head heavy throughout the day, severe headache.

Runny nose: Runny nose for several consecutive days and not to be controlled even after taking medicine.
Asthma worsening: Asthma patients have the most difficulty breathing due to this infection.

Feeling tired: Feeling tired throughout the day and persistent tiredness in the body is a symptom of Corona virus infection.

Fever: A fever is an early symptom of this infection after infection with the corona virus.

Feeling unwell: There is discomfort inside the body due to corona virus infection and the person does not understand correctly what has happened but he feels quite unwell and sick.

Sneezing: Corona virus affects the respiratory system due to which sneezing is a sign of this problem.

Pneumonia: Infections of the coronavirus spread to the lower part of the respiratory tract, causing pneumonia, especially in older people. Also, people with heart diseases and weakness immune systems also show signs of pneumonia due to the corona virus.

Inflammation in the lungs: The virus causes inflammation in the lungs, which can increase its severity.

Treatment of corona virus infection – Treatments for coronavirus

There is no cure for coronavirus yet. But by taking precautions, the infection of this virus can be avoided to a great extent. Just as there is no cure for common cold, in the same way, there is no special treatment for infection of coronavirus. No antiviral drug or vaccine has yet been developed to prevent infection with the corona virus. Therefore caution is the best solution. Some therapy is also being given to patients infected with coronaviruses, although this is not very effective.
Diagnosis of coronavirus – Diagnosis of coronavirus

First, a person with a coronavirus infection is tested for health and examining the respiratory system to find out other effects including shortness of breath, weakness in the lungs. During the test, the patient’s blood sample is sent to the lab when a coronary virus is confirmed and a coronavirus infection is diagnosed by a blood test.

What is the risk of corona virus in India

More than 1500 students from India study in China. Recently, a student from Rajasthan who returned to India from China, was found to have an infection of the corona virus, which has been admitted to the hospital in Jaipur.
How dangerous is the corona virus

Coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly in many countries and people who are vulnerable to it are dying. Since there is no medicine or vaccine for this virus, it is considered extremely dangerous. So far 80 people have died of coronavirus in China while 2744 people are infected. It is only due to this that 5794 people are feared to be infected. Although it shows only symptoms like a cold, but its effect is so severe that a person can die.
How to avoid coronavirus

No vaccine has been manufactured to prevent infection with the coronavirus, so prevention is the cure for corona virus infection. Take these measures to avoid infection with coronavirus:


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