What is Qos in wifi router

What is QoS in a wifi router: QoS means Quality of Service, this feature allows users to prioritize the internet traffic of specific devices to guarantee a faster connection according to user requirements.
The router has preset an appropriate bandwidth allocation policy, so you don’t need to set different priorities for all devices. Set the to High Priority and set the period for how long you want it to remain the high priority; then, if the network overload, the device will be allocated with more bandwidth.

Should I enable Dynamic QoS on the router?

Dynamic Quality of Service (QoS) is helpful for your router’s Internet traffic management capabilities for better application and device identification, bandwidth allocation, and traffic prioritization techniques.
Dynamic QoS is useful if Internet bandwidth is limited and different demands compete for bandwidth, it resolves traffic congestion.
You can enable Dynamic QoS. If your Internet download and upload speed is 250 Mbps or less and you are using the internet for gaming and streaming videos.

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