What is the sign and symptoms of diabetes?

Common signs and symptoms of diabetes.

All people are aware of the fact of classic signs and symptoms of Diabetes – increased thirst, increased Hunger and increased urination. but According to estimates, more than seven million people in the United States have
Type 2 diabetes and I do not even know it. For many of them, the first Diabetes can be due to diabetes Complications, and they are Symptoms that most people do not usually associate with diabetes

vision problems

In some cases, vision problems can occur be the first character someone has Diabetes. High blood sugar level Diabetes can damage that (small blood vessels) the Eye, a condition known as diabetics Retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is the main cause of vision loss and Blindness. Diabetes can cause Capillaries to lick, blurred vision and causes “floats”, black spots that to move in the field of a person’s Vision.

A related condition is macula Edema, which is swelling (edema) of the macula, an area in the middle of the retina. The macula is associated with a clear and clear view People have to read, drive and recognize the faces and smear Pulmonary edema can blur your vision. Previous diabetic retinopathy is diagnosed, the more vision can be saved by controlling blood sugar and cholesterol and in some cases, laser treatments and injections in the eyes.

Nerve pain

Burning, tingling or numbness Feet, legs, hands and/or arms can also a symptom of not being diagnosed with Diabetes. Over time, high blood Mirrors of glucose and triglycerides Diabetes can damage the nerves and die from small blood vessels that supply them, what about peripheral neuropathy Your (nervous illness). More fat symptoms include peripheral neuropathy extreme pain on touch, legs, hands, and the arms, when touched lightly, Loss of balance.

If diagnosed early diabetic neuropathy can be stopped or slowed by blood Glucose management, and there is to treat different types of medications the pain.


People with diabetes, especially the less Agnosed diabetes, can get tired or tired for two reasons. First, uncontrolled blood sugar Some values ​​can directly lead to fatigue. Second, high blood sugar can damage the blood vessels of the kidneys do not work Good. When the kidneys are not filtering Blood as good as they should, Waste can accumulate in the … Blood, blood system.

Usually, kidney disease Lightness does not cause symptoms but fatigue can be a symptom of kidney disease. The first diabetic kidney disease is diagnosed, the better, it can be treated through the control of blood sugar and blood pressure. Specific blood Drugs called ACE Inhibitors and.ARBs were detected to be particularly effective at slowing down the progression of diabetic Kidney disease.

Chest pain

Chest pain can be another indication underlying diabetes. People with diabetes have a higher heart risk Illness than those without diabetes. A symptom of heart disease is Angina Pectoris, which is chest pain Comfort because of the heart muscle does not get enough oxygen Blood.

Angina can also be a pleasure Suppression or pressure in the chest and can also occur on the shoulder, Arm, neck, jaw or back. He can be confused with heartburn. medication Called nitrates, which relax and can dilate the blood vessels to the heart used to treat angina. The submarine Lying heart disease can be treated with lifestyle changes, such as Ping smoking, eat healthier Diet and blood glucose control Levels as well as drugs that lower blood pressure and Terolspiegel.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, inability to achieve an erection strength that is sufficient to Sex is not only annoying but it can also be a sign of diabetes. Chronically high blood sugar level Diabetes can damage the nerves and the blood vessels that cause an erection possible. Once the problem is asked diagnosed, you can treat it better Diabetes control, medication, and different devices.

Gum disease and bad breath

If diabetes is not well controlled, the resulting high blood sugar promotes the growth of harmful bacteria. These bacteria help in the formation of a sticky movie called plate that can cause tooth decay, tooth decay, gum Lightness, and bad breath. Gum disease (Gingivitis) may develop.

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