What is WhatsApp and what is the use of Whatsapp?

First, we will learn about WhatsApp, what is WhatsApp, and how the WhatsApp started. Nowadays, WhatsApp is an essential part of our routine life. Whatsapp is very useful both in family and office.
We will show you why Vats App is so important for us and how our app can make our life and routine easier, whether it is personnel life or professional life. Whatsapp is more used by many of us, but more people still do not know that Whatsapp has many hidden features.

Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging apps in the world. More than 1.3 billion people use it. And the number of users is increasing every day.
Many of us start our day after checking Whatsapp messages.
Whatsapp is free to use the cross-platform massaging app. It provides an easy and secure and free messaging facility to the user, for which the user should have only a smartphone and an Intent connection.
You can share messages, photos, voices, and documents with WhatsApp in an encrypted message. WhatsApp also provides the facility of group messages, in which you can send a message to a group of people.
Whatsapp is one of the best messaging apps because you can know whether your message reaches the next person or not, and if it reached, then he saw the message or not.

What is an end to end encrypted messages

End to end encryption is a high-level secured messaging. Means users send messages, images, or videos privately to others. Encrypted messages are secure, and no fear of authorities or government to see them private messages.

Nobody can see the encrypted messages except the receiver.

What is Whatsapp business

Initially, Peoples were using WhatsApp messaging family and friends only. But due to its easy and free messaging facility, it is more useful in business. Business people are using WhatsApp as an alternate email facility. The first thing is that it is not convenient for everyone to an email from everywhere, but anyone can easily do WhatsApp messages.
In the email, the sender can’t know that the email reached the receiver or not, and if reached, he read the email.

WhatsApp is a stand-alone Android application designed for business-related messaging. Whatsapp business is useful for small and big size business people for communication-related to their work. Whatsapp Business has some new and essential features that help companies in communication. And connect business with social media. These days social media are also playing an important role in growing the business.

Why Whatsapp is popular

  • Some characteristics are why people like Vats App, and without it, the communication is incomplete.
  • Easy to use: WhatsApp is so easy to use that once it is understood, a child can be used to do it
  • Fast notifications: Users can get quick and Fast notification of received messages.
  • Delivered and Seen Notification: Sender can see the signal of message delivery. And can also see the signal of seen messages.
  • Useful to send all type of messages: User can send all type messages like text messages, audio clips, video clips
  • Secure messages: Whats app provides end-to-end encryption facilities so the only receiver can see the message.
  • Free alternate of SMS and many more options.

Brief history of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp started in 2009 as a simple messaging app. At that time, people were using a mobile Netwar for messaging, which had many limitations. Mobile text messaging was also very expensive. Especially if you want to do international messaging, it was very high charges.
When Whatsapp App provided a facility for free international messaging through the internet and without a mobile network, people liked it very much.
Because it was the free alternative to mobile SMS
Two Yahoo developers jointly developed Whatsapp, whose names were Brain Acton and Jan Koum. They have already left Yahoo in 2008 before the development of the Whatsapp application.

The funny thing is that before developing WhatsApp, these people had also applied to join the Facebook company but could not continue, and later they developed the WhatsApp application, which Facebook bought by paying a high price.

That was the beginning time of smartphones and mobile apps. And those people thought to develop an app that would make day to day general communication easy, for this, they created an app and named it Watts Up.
Initially, there was some problem in the app, and there were many bugs and crashes in that app, but over time they solved the bugs and improved the app performance.
Due to its usefulness app became popular, and in only three years up to the year, 2012 apps users increased from dozens to 200 Million.
This growth and popularity were attracted facebook interest.

And Facebook decided to buy the WhatsApp. Before WhatsApp came, Facebook was popular for internet-based messaging.