Youtube Guide

How to start a youtube channel.

Chaneel starting is very easy. If you are loged in with your gmail account then you can directly visit to and can can create your youtube channel in minutes.

How to load the first video.

So many peoples start the channels but take too long to upload their first video.

Don’t try to become perfect just upload your first video of anyone from the following idea. Just star uploading any video (Should be your own not form internet). When your channel will grow and you will start to upload better content and if you will feel your old videos are not good then you can delete or hide the old videos. So dont delay and start uploading videos from now.

  • Video of any famous place in your city and uptoad.
  • Any recipe you can prepare.
  • Play any game on your mobile and screen record for video.
  • Video of any funny thing you can do.
  • Any speech you can record.
  • Or at least search for a creative commons video on youtube and download it edit it and upload it.

How to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours fast.

Provide great content to the viewers.

If you want to grow your channel then you should stick to the following rules.

Don’t copy any other person’s content.

You can use copyright-free videos or creative common videos.

Create the video on the subject in which people are interested.

Provide valuable content to the subscriber.

Use subscriber exchange websites and apps to get your firs 1000 subscribers and 4000 whtch hours.

Top Best mobile apps to get subscribers likes and views.

The easiest and fastest way to increase your subscriber likes and watch time is through like for like or subscribe for subscribe. Means you will join these programmes through mobile app or website and your start to subscribe and like others channels and in exchange others will watch like and subscribe your channel.

This method is useful to gest some subscribers for a new channel but this subscriber are not real subscribers. Real subscriber subscribe your channel because thy are interested in your videos and they subscriber for the notification for next video and fo getting notification of next video the will watch it.

But subscriber for from app or exchange website will subscribe your channel but may be they will get the notification of your video and will not witch it.


Top Best websites to get subscribers likes and views.