What is new in iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 range is predicted in September, and it is reported that it will not be much different from the iPhone 12. But we are also certain changes. The screen of the iPhone 13 will be more upgraded than the iPhone 12

Upgraded screen

Screen upgrade is very important for iPhone users. Many rumors about for iPhone 13. It is of great importance whether Apple will eventually make a phone with a 120Hz refresh rate screen.

So if you haven’t enjoyed the iPhone yet, think about whether the iPhone 13 is going to be your next phone.

The only screen upgrade we’ve heard about the iPhone 13 so far is that it (or the minimum of some models within range) may require a 120Hz refresh rate.
This can be considered a huge upgrade and it’s one of the most exciting things we’ve heard of any aspect of the iPhone 13 range, as it should make interactions feel smooth. But will it happen?

Needless to say, it is too early to say, but at the moment it looks very likely, as many sources have stated the maximum amount multiple times.
We first heard about the possibility back in October, and so far no source has specifically suggested that there won’t be a 120Hz refresh rate.

Better yet, Apple is believed to equip LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) displays, which allow for a variable refresh rate, so that they can automatically switch to a lower refresh rate when 120Hz is beneficial. Nope, saving battery life within the process.

That said, the consensus so far seems to be that only the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will have 120Hz displays, so you’ll probably need to spend big if you want this feature.

The iPhone 13 range may also know the refresh price above 120Hz, as the Apple patent talks about a refresh price of up to 240Hz, but we’d be surprised if that jumps up.

And while we’re pretty sure that at least the Professional models will have a 120Hz refresh rate, we also wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t, especially since the feature was originally rumored for the iPhone 12 range, but It doesn’t happen.

iPhone 13 screen may never turn off

Another useful feature that we will see on the iPhone 13 range is the always-on display. This is often something that a lot of Android phones have offered over the years, and it can allow you to find out basic information like the time, date, and, if you’ve received a notification, the screen completely. without turning on.

Instead, those details will be visible in the shortest possible time, but possibly only in black and white, with most of the screen’s pixels not being used, so there will be minimal battery usage.

However, while this feature is rumored, it’s not something we’ve heard of often or from multiple sources, so we’re not in the least sure if it will make it to the iPhone 13 range.
But, this change is necessary, and it is undoubtedly not very difficult to implement, so it stands a good chance.

If the range gets an always-on display, we think it will probably be available in every iPhone 13 model – and possibly even some older iPhones with a software update.

iPhone 13 size or resolution not expected to change
What we won’t see from the current leak is any change in screen size or resolution for the iPhone 13 range.

  • In other words, we might
  • 5.4-inch 1080 x 2340 iPhone 13 Mini,
  • 6.1-inch 1170 x 2532 iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, and
  • The 6.7-inch 1284 x 2778 iPhone 13 Pro Max will be found.

But we’ve heard the size talk about the resolution quite a bit, so while there are no conflicting reports, resolutions may become better. Although we doubt it.

A minor change

Overall, the iPhone 13 range probably won’t be a huge upgrade on the screen front. Only two improvements are expected –
a better refresh rate and
an always-on display,