What is RAM/Memory? How much RAM is required for general computer work?

If you don’t know what is RAM/Memory? How much RAM is required for work? Then this articles is for you.

How much RAM will I need?
A computer uses Random Access Memory (RAM) to process the laptop while it is in use.

In this, multi-tasking means that if you are working on more than one program at a time, then more RAM is required. Otherwise, the computer may hang.

If you are using only one program simultaneously, but it is a big program like adobe suite or a gaming program, RAM will require more RAM.

What is the difference between RAM and storage memory

RAM is the computer’s free space, which the computer does not use to store any data, but the storage memory is the storage memory of the hard disk which the computer uses for data storage.

Everyday tasks performed by a computer include writing letters, editing photos, or browsing the net. The more complex the task, the higher the demand for RAM required to process the data without slowing down the computer.

While 4GB of RAM is ideal for everyday users, gamers who need their computers to process large amounts of data thanks to their fast-paced displays, up to 16Gb or 32Gb of RAM can be used depending on your task.

Remember, the RAM can easily upgrade anytime later if needed. When buying the computer, you can buy with suitable RAM, and if you face any RAM-related problem, you can extend the ram.

But at the time of buying the computer be careful to buy the additional RAM stot computer.

If you have two RAM slots in the computer and have 4 GB RAM in one slot, you can add 4 or 8 GB RAM in another slot. Otherwise, you need to remove 4 GB RAM and put 8 GB RAM