What is the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest?

Often, heart attack or chest pain is mostly associated with a heart attack. Let us know that there is a difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest.

What is a cardiac arrest? Cardiac arrest occurs when ventricular fibrillation occurs inside the heart. In simple language, the exchange of information between different parts within the heart is disturbed, due to which the heartbeat is affected. Cardiopulmonary resistance (CPR) is given for its treatment.

This makes the heart rate regular. Electric shock is given through a defibrillator. Which helps to bring back the heartbeats. People with heart disease are the most prone to cardiac arrest. Those who have had a heart attack before, the risk of cardiac arrest increases.
Differences in heart attack and cardiac arrest Many people consider these two to be the same, but they are different. During a heart attack, blood flow accumulates in some parts of the heart due to which a heart attack occurs. On the other hand, in the cardiac attack, blood reaches inside the heart, but that blood does not properly reach the brain or other parts of the body. There can be many reasons for not having blood, such as blood vessel closure or damage.

The main important function of the heart is to deliver blood to all parts of the body. Oxygen reaches all the cells (parts) of the body through blood. But if the blood stops reaching any part of the body, then the organ (organ) stops working.
During rapid heartbeat, fatigue, shortness of breath, pain in the heart, dizziness, and during cardiac arrest, the patient suddenly loses consciousness. He also does not respond physically. His breath also suddenly stops and the pulse stops.

Maybe the death of the patient, the heart stops beating in cardiac arrest, so the pulse starts falling. Slowly, the blood stops reaching all the organs of the body and the patient dies.

These are also the causes of cardiac arrest.

  • Exercise daily, not exercising.
  • High blood pressure and hypertension
  • Smoking – Increase in cholesterol

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