Which time is more dangerous for a heart attack?

Do you know Which time is more dangerous for a heart attack? Heart attack in the day time is more dangerous compared to night time. Any person at any time of the day may have a heart attack. It is a serious health problem that can also lead to the death of a person.

A recent study has shown that a heart attack can be more severe at the time of day. The study further says that morning time instead of the night is more dangerous for heart attack. The study is published in the journaling trend in immunology. During this study, they analyzed the relationship between the natural rhythm of the body and the immune response.

The body reacts differently in both times because the findings were different at night and evening hours. It depends entirely on light, hormones, metabolism and other physiological processes. This study was done on mice. The white blood cells of humans and mice show similar rhythmic patterns in relation to circadian. After the end of the research, the study came to the conclusion that a heart attack occurs much more during the day than at night and is serious.

Heart attack symptoms can be controlled by some common changes in lifestyle. Keep in mind that a healthy heart reduces the risk of heart attacks. Every person must believe these little tips so that the heart is healthy. You should be aware of the symptoms associated with a heart attack so that you can deal with the symptoms yourself at the first stage.

Why heart attack in the morning time is more dangerous?

Why heart attack in the morning time is more dangerous?

Researchers showed. Heart occurs in the morning hours were associated with about 20% more dead heart tissue.

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There are the following ways to reduce the risk of a heart attack:
exercise daily for at least 30 minutes.
Eat a diet keeping in mind the health of the heart.
Balance stress with yoga and meditation.
Don’t smoke and smoke.
Keep checking BP regularly.
Balance cholesterol levels.

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