What is the right way to wear a mask to avoid pollution?

What is the right way to wear a mask to avoid pollution? People are stuck in these days due to poisonous air pollution. People are not able to breathe freely, even in homes. The only option to get out of the house is an anti-pollution mask. These days, many types of anti-pollution covers are selling indiscriminately. But which of these masks is right for you and you should know about wearing it properly. Due to a lack of proper information, many times, people use air masks of poor quality.

Apart from this, air leakage may occur due to a lack of fitting people. So let’s know what the right way to wear an anti-pollution mask is. Choose the right mask. There are many types of anti-pollution masks available in the market to avoid pollution. The masks of these masks N95, N99, N100, and P series ie, P95 and P100 are the most accurate ones claiming to contain PM2.5 pollutants from 99 to 99.97 percent.

Anti-pollution mask for kids.

  • N99 grade mask, activated carbon, filters pm2.5 particles
  • Washable/reusable, exhalation valve for breathing and comfort for long time usage
  • Bodyguard mask with 6 layers filtration, nose clip for the better fit
  • Protects from dust, bad odour, vocs, and other atmospheric pollutants
  • Protects from dust, bad odour, vocs and other atmospheric pollutants

Masks available in the market are available in different sizes, so choose a mask that fits your face properly. Clean your hands and apply your anti-pollution mask while exhaling in the pollution. Before applying the pollution mask, wash your hands thoroughly and wear a mask with a clean hand to maintain its effect for a long time. Take care of fitting, make sure that your mask covers the nose, mouth, and chin properly, and the elastic bands in the mask are fixed carefully behind the ear.

Also, the metallic strap of the mask should also be properly placed on the bridge of the nose. Keep an eye on air leakage. After wearing the mask, make sure that there are any problems with air leakage. Once you have worn the mask, then breathe in well and leave it out so that the air is leaking from somewhere. Keep in mind that the air coming inside the mask is filtered only through the valve in the mask. Try not to wear a mask for long because tight masks can cause problems in breathing, headaches. So keep this in mind as well.

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